What to do in Dali?

*New* We are offering tailor made Adventure Culinary Tours through Yunnan from this year. Check this PDF for more Information.

When you come to China you will notice just how important food is for us. The english expression “how are you” translates into Chinese as “ni chi le ma”: “have you eaten yet?”. Chinese cooking enjoys huge popularity all over the world. Interestingly, there are not many places in China where you can study the fundamentals of Chinese cooking—if you are not a professional chef or you don’t speak Mandarin Chinese.

Here we are, in Dali. Apart from going to mountain or cycling around the Er Hai lake, what else can you do in Dali? Being in Yunnan, a province with rich ethnic cultures and most diverse culinary traditions, why not join us at Rice & Friends Chinese Cooking School to learn how to prepare a number of real Chinese dishes and experience authentic Chinese culture from culinary perspective. Bring home some cooking skills to impress your friends and family. What more authentic travel souvenir could there be?

Rice and Friends Chinese Cooking School was established in 2011 and was the first cookery school to open in Dali,Yunnan,a beautiful old town on the footsteps of the Himalayas. We organize a series of Chinese cooking courses in a relaxing and fun atmosphere. All courses are completely hands-on in a beautiful open kitchen setting on our roof terrace facing the Cang Mountain. Our English-speaking teacher has an extensive knowledge of Chinese ingredients and cooking methods which she takes pleasure in sharing with you every day. Come and join us for an authentic cooking experience. At the end of the course, you might feel it is more than a cooking course. It is like a journey about local culture or it is like a cooking party with all the old and new friends. What will it be like for you? Find it out:-)