Here’s what some of my customers wrote about their experience at Rice & Friends Chinese Cooking Classes.

“A wonderful experience from beginning to end!”
—Dale K


“Authenic and Accessible Chinese Cooking–Do this in Dali!”
—Tripadvisor user: Gerygory


“I have attended cooking classes all over China and this has to rank among the best.”
—Tripadvisor user:dragon_tilapia


“This is a brilliant course and i thoroughly recommend it!”
—Tripadvisor user: meltev


“Every step of the way, the ingredients are well prepared just like a cooking TV show. It was so much fun!”
—Juno Kim


“I can highly recommend this experience to anyone – whether you can cook or not, meeting Luxi and gaining some well thought through knowledge of her recipes was something I will not forget.”
—Nicky Vockins


Here a video from  RunawayJuno.com featuring the class. Thank you very much!

This is the original on youtube (if you see this, you are outside of the Mainland ;-) )

For more details and more reviews check out these sites about Rice & Friends: