About Us

Hello, I am Luxi Yuan, from Sichuan Province.

I founded Rice & Friends Chinese cooking school in Dali, Yunnan after working in the tourism industry for 7 years in 2011. Being born and growing up in Sichuan where food is famous for its rich flavors and warm colors, I have been always passionate about cooking and appreciating the good taste. I learned classic Sichuan cuisine originally from my family, and then later traveled around many parts of China, where I gained an appreciation for the amazing varieties of Chinese cooking styles and gained experience cooking the dishes of many regions of the country.

In 2010, I spent some time in Europe where I could get first hand experience of cooking Chinese food abroad. During that time I went to many Asian food markets and so I am familiar with the kind of ingredients and spices you can find in your home country and what foreign ingredients can be used to substitute Chinese ones. I also got the chance to try what so-called Chinese food many Chinese restaurants were offering in Europe and realized how little people actually know about the real Chinese food in mainland China.

After I returned to Dali I opened Rice & Friends Chinese cooking school. We are offering different culinary programs in order to introduce the real Chinese food to other food-obsessed travelers and provide my guests an opportunity to experience authentic Chinese culture through our cooking. Based on my research about the available ingredients in Europe, I have carefully chosen dishes that you will easily be able to cook once you’re back home.

I am happy to share my knowledge about Chinese cuisine with you.  I believe cooking is the universal language of our species ;-)